The Tale of a Wonder Dog!


You can’t argue with the saying that canines are “a man’s best friend” (and equally a woman’s). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the bond shared between people and their dogs is special. I can knowingly say this based on the unconditional love we’ve experienced with our four legged buddy – Winston the Wonder Dog!

 Cover Shot

Winston is our nine year old Chihuahua x Pomeranian, who oozes personality, spunk and charisma. But Winston is more than just a pretty face. For a canine he exudes impeccable taste in quality TV programming. In fact, one of his favourite pastimes is cuddling up beside me on the couch to watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Keeping up With The Kardashians or The Bold & The Beautiful together. It’s fair to say that we’ve bonded over our love of talk shows, reality TV series and daytime soaps. Despite what my better half thinks, Winston would rather watch grass grow than sit through a season of football or cricket on TV!


Winston’s other passion is to keep people company. He has the ability to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling a little ho hum. He’ll roll on his back with his paws up in the air for a tummy rub, or curl up at my feet and keep my tootsies toasty warm. If I’m struggling for inspiration, he’ll often nestle up against me while I’m working on the laptop and just his presence will perk me up. Eventually the cheekiness kicks in. He’ll interrupt my train of thought by nudging his head under my hand as a reminder to scratch under his chin. Alternatively, he’ll walk all over the keyboard just for a smidge of attention.


Winston loves attention. I may be bias but I reckon he’s a star in the making. Deep down, I think my better half enjoys walking him for the simple reason that Winston is such a chick magnet. Let’s face it, Winston’s a people dog! People are naturally drawn to him and he always laps up the affection he receives from random strangers. He’d never make a great guard dog.  Guests at our humble abode are generally licked to death and if you dangle food in front of him, Win would be putty in your hands!


In addition to his playfulness, Winston also has a protective nature, similar to the way a mother watches over her brood. He exhibits what I refer to as ‘grandmother tendencies’, where he waits for us by the front window until we come home from work, a night out, or even a short trip to the supermarket. Whenever I hear the pitter patter of his paws on the wooden floorboards, I know he’s following me like my shadow around the house. On one occasion, I organised for my parents to babysit him during a weekend escape. According to my folks, Winston waited in the hallway in vain, hoping that my partner and I would come home, demonstrating how loyal he is towards us. Winston won’t sleep until the two of us are in bed, at which time he finally clocks off for the evening.


He greets me each morning by standing on his short hind legs and tapping his front paws onto my side of the bed until I pat him in response. If I choose to ignore him, he’ll start moaning with worry. In fact, Winston has an instinct for sensing when I’m in pain. A few months ago, I stubbed my toe on the coffee table and groaned in agony. Just recently, I had a serious coughing fit where I was in tears.  In both instances Winston rushed towards me with such an alarmed, concerned look on his face as if to say ‘Are you OK mum?’


In retrospect, I was never a big animal lover. When I was young, like all kids I enjoyed the idea of owning a pet, while not fully understanding the responsibility involved in looking after them. However, since meeting the better half, I knew I had to broaden my mind. Basically, for the relationship to work, the choice was – him and me, or, – him, me and a dog. And the dog will always win hands down when it comes to my partner. So, I sucked it up….and I’m glad I did!


Ultimately, the best moment is when Winston stretches his neck, looks upwards and stares longingly at us with his adoring eyes while his tail wags with enthusiasm.  Even when he smells of some strange pungent odour, you just want to cuddle him. Winston’s at his happiest snuggled between my better half and me.


In the past two years I’ve learned how much joy a dog can bring into your life. It’s their unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and the strong bond that they share with us that melts my heart. In a nutshell it’s the simple pleasures that make adopting a dog (or any pet) oh so precious.

46 thoughts on “The Tale of a Wonder Dog!

  1. This is the second Winston blog I”ve read of yours and it makes me want to rush off and blog about my own four legged friends. Winston is a beautiful puppy (they are all puppies to me! lol) and I am sure he brings much love and joy to your life. As I always say… if you love dogs, you are okay in my book!

      • Hello! Sorry for the delay in response! I just today realised that I can actually click on the little speech bubble on the top right hand side of my screen to see any replies to my post comments!!!! So yes! Yes, I think I will write a little story about my pets one day soon. 🙂 We just bought my dog, Shadow, a life vest so he can swim. He is a bit tentative but is really enjoying it. And thanks for the post on the Grampians and Halls Gap – I am going to go ther in January with any luck. I used to be a tour guide out that way but my hubby hasn’t been there yet. It’s just gorgeous, isn’t it!

      • We live near the beach but we struggle to get Winston near the water….bathing him is a mission itself! He hates getting his fur wet. Hope you do get a chance to visit the Grampians…it’s a wonderful place.

      • I will definitley have to do a blog post about Shadow – my little man who hated the water but now…actually goes in voluntarily! And yes, so far holidays are being approved so hopefully we will make it there!!!

  2. Awww he is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!!!!! Love that he watches reality tv 🙂 I’m sooo jealous I’ve always wanted a cuddly canine friend. My perfect dog would be an Alaskan malamute called Milo 🙂

  3. My first reaction when I saw Winston, was that I thought he had some Corgy in him. Especially, when you said he was very territorial. Although that could be the demeanor of a lot of breeds, corgis are known for that.
    There is nothing like the love of a dog. After you’ve spent all day with him/her, you leave for 20 minutes. Only a dog can get so excited when you walk back in the door, like he/she hasn’t seen you for a month. You always feel wanted and loved. It is pure & unconditional. Why can’t people take a small lesson from them ?

    • Actually, we’ve had a number of people thinking Winston’s a corgi. There was a point where he put on a bit of weight, even I thought he could have passed as a corgi. What you’ve said is so true. When we come home, Win’s just so excited to see us!

  4. this was a wonderful read! Thank you. I loved the part about the pitter patter of his little paws behind you as a shadow! I know how much i love that company too. Will definitely follow to hear more. 🙂

  5. Lucky Winston, for having two adoring humans at his beck and call (as it should be!), and lucky you, for finding a two-legged companion who introduced you to the delights of the four-legged kind. Great article, and beautiful photos! Greetings from my critters to yours!

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