The Shenanigans of a Wonder Dog!

Winston the Wonder Dog was adopted from the RSPCA over two years ago. From the moment we spotted him, Winston charmed his way into our lives and we were putty in his paws! However, it didn’t take long to discover that Winston wasn’t the sharpest dog in the kennel; he’s more cute than smart, and we say that with love!

Winston wasn’t toilet trained when we brought him into our humble abode, much to my chagrin! Let’s just say there were puddles left behind and ‘bombing raids’ dumped throughout the house during the day and night, which made my obsessive compulsive cleaning tendencies rock into overdrive. I’m even more mortified with his habit of leaving a trail of No. 2s whenever we’re inside the vet’s clinic. You’d think he was laying cables! My partner and I would joke that Winston could churn out turd like a Mr. Whippy Ice Cream Van!

Well, after two years, and many treats later, Winston’s only just managed to learn to sit; even staying on the spot is a challenge. Forget dropping, rolling over or fetching. He may not know the basics of dog etiquette 101, but Winston certainly knows how to fly! Secretly, he must have a pair of magical wings stashed somewhere in the garden. My better half and I spent many weekends and hundreds of dollars fixing up the back picket fence that stops Winston from wandering into the garage and front yard. He’s surprised us on the odd occasion with his Houdini act, as we’ve found him waiting in the garage and poking his face from under the roller doors as we head up the driveway. He must pole vault his way over the fence because Win wouldn’t have the brains to dig under the barrier.

What he lacks in tricks he makes up for in appetite, for a dog so small he has a bottomless pit for a stomach! When I’m preparing dinner, he’ll hover around the kitchen like a vulture, and with his eagle eye, he’ll zone in on any crumbs that end up on the floor. He ploughs through food like a vacuum. I once found Winston inside our pantry scoffing down whatever he could reach given his short stumpy legs; even the threat of me shutting the cupboard door didn’t faze him at all.

Strangers used to mistake him for a corgi due to his podginess. I was shocked when our local pizza guy called my dog the ‘F’ word…..FAT!!!…F – A – T ….FAT!! I desperately tried to convince myself Winston was just big boned, full figured, a healthy plus size…it took a good six months of exercise and a controlled diet to shed some of his weight.

On a more embarrassing note, like all dogs, Winston gets a kick out of humping peoples’ legs and sniffing their butts, in no specific order. He’s not discriminatory in his choices either. Everyone’s fair game, from tradespeople, guests or even my own mother! What’s worse is the challenge of prying him off the person’s calf. Another one of Winston’s more comedic gestures is to grab a shoe (usually mine!) if my partner or I are on the phone. He’ll pick up the shoe with his mouth and carry it into the living room, even though all the shoes are almost as big as him! It’s Win’s way of saying, ‘Hey, get off the phone, look at me and show me some love!’

Yes, on the odd occasion, Win does show a little too much attitude. He once made a German shepherd cowl into the corner of the reception area at the vet’s clinic with his barking. Let’s face it, it’s the Chihuahua in him that brings out his feistiness and spunk. But deep down, Winston suffers from small dog’s syndrome. He thinks he’s tough, but he’s a pansy at heart. Winston wouldn’t want the other dogs in the neighbourhood to know, but he’s actually quite dainty…he hates to get his paws dirty and loathes getting his fur wet in the rain.

Despite his shenanigans, we wouldn’t want Winston any other way. He makes us laugh. These classic moments are what make him special. We love him, just the way he is.

50 thoughts on “The Shenanigans of a Wonder Dog!

  1. You and I write in a very similar fashion. I was amused and besotted by Winston’s antics. Thank you for sharing – now I want to go and show my puppies off on my blog! hehe. My “puppies” are ten years old apiece. lol. xo

  2. He’s adorable!! I’m thinking of adopting a dog soon, and this perspective is definitely refreshing!! Choosing between buying from a breeder and adopting from RSPCA is actually really tough!

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived with a dog. This post really stirs up those desires to find a doggie room mate.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about Winston, he sounds like he has a really big personality. I stopped by to say thank you for liking one of my posts, I have enjoyed reading several of yours and will stop back by to read more.

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I’m not really a dog person (I prefer rodents, as a rule), but I really enjoyed reading about yours. He looks a bit like one my parents had – I think he was chihuahua/pomeranian, with maybe a bit of something else.

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am glad we are not the only ones with a dog which does no. 2 in the vet’s reception and then his room when she visits. He always has a mop handy now!

    Oh! And shutting the dog in the pantry does not work – I know from experience. Our smaller dog eats more than our larger one. She also hates getting wet, and last night she went out in a little rain shower for her last walk of the day and returned within all of 2 minutes! Needless to say, we had a huge puddle to find in the morning.

    Winston’s eyes must be his strongest point – they look like they can melt the hardest heart! He looks very cute.

    • Oh my gosh, I can totally relate to your comments!!! I can’t help but giggle. Yep, you can’t lock them in the pantry, it’s heaven for Winston. I now end up walking him before we go to the vet, just so he can drop a load off…hehehe. As for his eyes, they’re mesmerising…you’ll be putty in his paws:)

  7. My husband takes both dogs for a little do-dah right after he parks the car before entering the vet’s office. Does not work with the smaller dog – she is incorrigible!

  8. Awww. Give him a hug for me, he’s a real cutie. I have a rescued dog as well…I thought at first I was doing something nice by adopting her, but as it turns out, she has done something incredible for my family, by bringing so much love and devotion and yes, silliness, into our lives. Happy New Year!

    • He is a cutie! Just adorable. Ever since we adopted Win, we realised that we’re just so lucky:) We did well. He cares so much for us and makes us laugh! Happy New Year to you too.

  9. That is the cutest dog. The oatmeal has a rather touching comic about his former dog, Rambo. Sounds like he and Winston could’ve been related. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for re-blogging my post. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Winston the Wonder Dog has added so much joy and laughter to our life. He’s cheeky, he’s got spunk and character!

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