HELP! My Blog is Possessed!

For the past 48 hours, the home page of The Vibe 101 appears to have been attacked by a gremlin….I think it’s possessed!

The featured images of each post are doubling up and the headings of each article are overlapping the pictures depicted on The Vibe’s Home Page. In the past, the title of each post were positioned below the featured image and not blocking the pictures from view.

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Pictures say a thousand words and are great in setting the tone of the article in question. Images are what attract me to view a blog. Unfortunately, with the current technical glitch The Vibe 101 is experiencing – the ‘wow’ factor and the pizzazz has somewhat faded and evolved into a twisted, warped Home Page.

Luckily none of the individual posts have been affected. When you click on the image or title, the link takes you directly to the article without any hassle. It’s just the layout and format of the front page that has been struck by this cyberspace demon.

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I haven’t changed any of the settings on my account. My theory is WordPress may have updated applications at the backend of their operating system that’s had a flow on affect on my blog. Or, my account has been hacked by the dregs of cyberspace. Is it a conspiracy concocted by the blogosphere?

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I wasn’t blessed with any inspirational talent….Thank God I’m pretty! I’m joking!

In all honesty, I’m not an IT guru. What do I do????

The layout or format theme of my blog is called The Columnist. Are there any other bloggers experiencing similar problems with their page???

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify the problem?

Your feedback would be very much appreciated.


The Vibe

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20 thoughts on “HELP! My Blog is Possessed!

  1. Exorcism…. Honestly I have no clue! I would curl up in a ball under my bed and cry.. IT is scary stuff, not kidding truly frightening.
    Best of luck,

  2. This happened to me when I inserted an image and made it my feature one as well. Your theme places a header version of your image at the top of your post when you do that. The only fix is not to have a featured image. It’s a theme design issue.

    • The strange thing is, it wasn’t like this before. The ‘glitch’ appeared in the last two days. The only thing I can assume is that WordPress have changed the settings on the theme design.

  3. i hope you’ve successfully exorcised the evil spirits away from your blog. i really wish i could help but my mind tends to go blank when topics become technology-related ^^

    • Oh, I’m with you. I’m not tech savvy at all. My better half made a few tweaks here and there. In the end, I’ve revamped the entire look and feel. I quite like how it’s turned out.

  4. This ha opens a lot with WordPress, especially if you blog from an iPad…. Most times it fixes itself after 24 hours with no explanation…. But if you’re a blogaddict like me…. 24 hours s hell!

    • Yeah, usually after a day, the ‘glitch’ seems to fix itself. But in my instance a few days went by and I knew something was wrong. Luckily, I’m happier with the overall look and feel of the site now. The theme I went with is a lot more flexible.

      • It’s actually not so bad. It just depends what you want to do with your blog – is it more picture focused, do you want sound and visuals and how you want to present the overall look. I found picking a theme was harder, but to transition over to a new theme was done with a click of a button. Before you change to a new theme, you can experiment with different themes in situ – without affecting your actual blog.

  5. Ooo… Thanks 🙂 I didn’t realise you could do that! I quite like mine at the moment, but I know I’ll get bored of it at some point! I like the magazine style of yours…. It reminds me of one of those columns where every mini article was worth reading 🙂

    • Awww thank you! I like the simplicity of my layout, it’s not too complicated or overly cluttered. When you do get to that point of change, the process is straightforward. Seriously, going through the 200 odd themes was harder:)

  6. Can you get help from the WordPress people? Just a thought… All the best and hope your blog behaves itself:)

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