Let’s Get Physical – Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

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I’ll be the first to admit that exercising is a bitch (a bitch I’m more than willing to have a fight with). However, a recent comment by trainer Michelle Bridges  published in The Age – Daily Life in which she stated “You don’t have to be motivated to exercise, you just have to turn up and do it”1 spurned me to get off my podgy ass in my quest against the battle of the bulge.

Michelle continued with the punches saying “This whole ‘I can’t get motivated thing’ is a crock.”2 which was a further eye opening slap in the face that got my pulse racing. But to her credit, Bridges does offer up some sound advice to get me (or you) out of the exercise slump.

Image Source: michellebridges.com.au/aboutmish/

According to Bridges, be sure to choose an exercise that suits3. I hate exercising. I try to avoid it as much as Superman stays away from kryptonite. Unfortunately, my waistline went missing in action five years ago and I’ve recently embarked on a mission to locate it. Pilates, Zumba, Tai Bo – are just not my thing. Organising a gym membership is too costly, especially with my lack of commitment. So, I’ve decided to take my outdoor exercise regimen more seriously and commit to my running sessions. This routine gets me out of the house into the sunshine (which I enjoy) while I burn some calories jogging.

Michelle believes that exercising should be part of a regular routine and to exercise at any given opportunity4. Lifting up the remote and changing the channels on the TV is the extent of my fitness regime. Yet, Michelle points out that, “You can exercise while watching television”5. So whilst I salivate over the dishes featured on Masterchef, or scowl at the girls on Australia’s Next Top Model, or envy Kim’s curvaceous body on Keeping Up With the Kardashians – I’m in front of the TV screen working up a sweat in my daggy tracksuit performing squats and lunges (I do like to throw in a little Macarena or Gangnam-Style dance moves into the mix as well).

Image Source: michellebridges.com.au/aboutmish/

Bridges advocates that varying your training is the key to maintaining motivation6. My better half bought me a bike which later became a decorative focal point in the garage. It gathered dust and cobwebs faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries. However, with the warmer months looming, he’s encouraged me to ride my bike along the nearby track overlooking the ocean (see, the better half isn’t just a pretty face, he does come up with a few wise ideas). There’s nothing more soothing than a bike ride along the shoreline. I’ve got yoga mats that are lost somewhere in the depths of my cupboards which I need to locate. I need to continue with some much needed push-ups and stomach crunches to say goodbye to my muffin top.

Another tip from Michelle is to set yourself realistic goals7. During a half-hearted sprint session, I once tried to run 100m, Usain Bolt style, in 9.63 seconds…not even close. I was overtaken by a five year old! (At that point, I thought of trying another Olympic sport altogether, like curling. I’d blitz the field and sweep everyone off their feet!).  OK, so the bar was set too high. But, when I first began my jogging sessions, my initial goal was to jog 500m without passing out and it progressed from there – 500m without stopping to catch a breath – 1000m at a slow jogging pace, pausing only twice. I just have to improve on that momentum.

Image Source: michellebridges.com.au/aboutmish/

Bridges recommends finding a training partner8. I must admit, I’ve trained once before with the better half and it was motivating having him with me. Seeing him lap me several times on an athletics track adds a little fuel to the fire, to push myself to jog further and faster. We’ve vowed to make this a routine every Sunday so that we can both improve on our fitness level.

Lastly, Michelle suggests to make firm exercise appointments and not to let exercise slip in the winter months9. Sadly for me, my loathing for training doesn’t begin or end at winter; it’s an on going drama regardless of what season. Even the thought of exercising is so exasperating it tires me out. I spend hours psyching myself up to put the trainers on, but it’s one excuse after another, ‘it’s too hot’, ‘it’s too cold’, ‘it’s raining’, ‘I’m having a bad hair day!’ Bottom line is, I have all the time in the world to exercise. I have no excuse not to! It goes back to Bridges’ original comment ‘you just have to turn up and do it!’.

So, with this in mind, I think there is still hope for me to become a Victoria’s Secret model – it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

For further information, check out Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation website on http://www.12wbt.com/

Image Source: michellebridges.com.au/aboutmish/



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42 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical – Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

    • Michelle’s amazing! I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her energy. Olivia’s great, but yes, she’s better in Grease:)

  1. I envy anybody who can just do it… I tried so many different sports but after a while I just kept being more and more tired and gave up. I still like swimming but it is a rare treat. Aand now that I am travelling so much it is even less possible to do some exercize. What can I do? where should I get the energy from?

  2. I need team sport to exercise, if I know other people are relying on me for some reason I am able to push myself a lot further. But I do not want Michelle trying to nudge in on my very small amount of TV time. Chasing after a small child is enough exercise for me by 7pm.

  3. Great post. I unfortunately do have the issue of stopping in the winter. I need to somehow work around that when there is 2 foot of snow on the ground. Like you said the gym is too pricey for my level of commitment.

  4. EXERCISE….WEEELLLLL,,I should be out , running on the beach…but you see …I’m doing this…I’m soooo lazy these days

  5. I do really good exercising for awhile and then something happens. This last time it was a problem with a nerve in my neck. It was totally unrelated to the exercising I was doing, but it stopped me dead in my tracks.

  6. I’ve done all sorts of exercise stuffs. It since about September I’ve really become dedicated to keep it going. Even if I only do a half hour at the gym doing my own cardio workout, I feel better coz I’ve been moving. I have started Pilates, which I’m loving and try to do a swim (flippers and kick board) once a week as well to kick the body into gear. My goal: run the MDC 8k fun run in less than this years time of 58min and generally trim up, lose some weight and feel better about myself. So far, it’s working. 🙂

    • I’ve only ever done one fun run in my life…it was 5km….and I struggled….hehehe. I’m still trying to do my weekly jogs….but I let myself down by binging on food afterwards:(

  7. I’d like to wish you perseverance in the face of the blahs and encouragement to continue what your doing to improve your health and your middle. You’ll feel better too!

  8. I hear what you’re saying, I know what you’re saying is worth paying attention to, but I can’t stand the cold, damp air (I’m in the UK), indoor warmth is soothing, and as for exercising in front of the TV – no way. Either I watch or I do something else. So, guess I’ll pack your words into my head somewhere and hopefully, resurrect them come spring!

  9. hey there.
    I have to admit as far as Michelle B goes, I like her as she is not full of crap…and still is quite down to earth…She has quite the cult following in NZ and Aussie as you probably know….I like her programs but then i am not brainwashed yet….i can still see the hype so to speak BUT at the end of the day, I know its all down to me really…. but i like her saying JFDI …..and if you don’t you don’t 🙂

  10. HAHAHAHAH thank you for the laugh out loud blog! You could have been writing about me. If you read my second latest blog you will see that one of my new years resolutions is to lose weight and perhaps throw in a little exercise at the same time, all while saving money. Hmph. I did manage to get a work out at Aldi today, pushing my trolley around, and then saving over SEVENTY DOLLARS at the checkout!!!! So I got two ticks today – exercise and saving money! Yep, you just gotta exercise while doing what you like. And I like shopping! Shame that I’m not going to spend any money this year…

  11. I have been educated: I now have a word which perfectly describes my relationship with exercise: loathing! It’s perfect! Hate is just not strong enough. My thanks 🙂 Exercise, dishes and vacuuming: loathsome … but necessary. 😦

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