Domestic Goddess Sizzles in the Kitchen

According to the Daily Mail UK, Nigella Lawson has been dubbed “the queen of food porn”, a comment attributed to her flirtatious manner in presenting her popular cooking programs1. To her credit, Lawson has proven to be more than just a pretty face with a sensual charm and wit. Nigella is a critically acclaimed writer of several bestselling cook books, achieving over 1.5million in global sales and was voted author of the year at the British Book Awards in 20012. With a dedicated and growing audience worldwide, Lawson has also gained international recognition as a television personality and host of Nigella Express, Nigella Feasts and Nigella Kitchen3.

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In addition, Lawson has earned a ‘degree in Medieval and Modern Languages from Oxford, then went on to pursue a successful career in journalism, becoming Deputy Literary Editor of The Sunday Times. This was followed by a successful freelance career writing for a range of publications, from The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Times Magazine in the UK to Gourmet and Bon Appetit in the USA’4.

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Cooking has never been my forte. I have managed to burn boiling water, make glue from preparing steamed rice (even with the use of a rice cooker!), churned out a batch of rubbery pancakes and turned steak into slate tiles  When I first moved out of home, 2-minute noodles (accompanied by a cheeky glass of chardonnay) was the extent of my cooking repertoire.  What I lack in skill and talent, I make up for in appetite and a passion for eating!

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This is where Nigella serves up some sweet inspiration. Lawson is neither a trained chef nor cook, which gives me a glimmer of hope that one day, I too can become a domestic goddess who sizzles in the kitchen while whipping up a feast as delectable as she can (it won’t happen over night, but it will happen!). Despite the absence of professional qualifications or training5, it’s evident in her programs that Nigella has a love and natural flair for cooking, with a broad knowledge of recipes including international cuisines, an in depth understanding of flavour combinations and ultimately, plating up with a little razzle dazzle.

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I have an affinity for her laid back, fuss free approach to cooking, empowering viewers with the confidence that you don’t need to be Michelin star chefs to prepare mouth watering dishes. ‘Nigella’s kitchen mantra is “minimum effort with maximum effect”’6; it’s a back to basics style to food preparation and entertaining. Simplicity is the key, without compromising on taste or wow factor, a common theme Lawson applies to everyday meals to late suppers, picnics, special celebrations or even afternoon snacks.

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Lawson delivers her message with her signature articulate, engaging charm and flirtatious smile. Nigella’s programs have an intimate vibe, that is, it’s almost conversational as she opens up about tips and ideas on time saving solutions to preparing meals7. The principle centres around uncomplicated, stress-less cooking and entertaining. You don’t need exotic ingredients to whip up a great dish, take advantage of what’s inside your pantry! Lawson even confesses to using ready-made salad packets and sauces bought off the counter – let’s face it, today’s modern family (with their busy schedules and lifestyle) needs convenient short cuts to save time.

As someone who’s better at scorching, nuking, scalding and spoiling meals, but has an insatiable appetite for scrumptious food, for me, Nigella makes cooking look effortless while bringing sexy back into the kitchen!

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20 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess Sizzles in the Kitchen

  1. Seriously, how many men *and* women lust for that quintessential Nigella-style whenever she presents a food program?

    “Please, ma’am, may I have some more?”
    “Why yes, don’t mind if I do …

  2. Problem is I never remember a recipe…after all it is just a TV show …and TV is made to and my wife are sometime watching Nigela when we eat dinner ..and then…bedroom

      • Amazing…There was an article in a newspaper about Nigela …apparently she had problems with her mother…anyway…good food is not always about cooking -or it shouldn’t be-…???

      • And you Know what? reading that article …somehow change my view about her…and (you see how tv business works?) we are talking more about her..and watch more of her shows(not today-today I’m going to cook chicken and rice and eat it on the beach )…so see you later

  3. Oh, so nice to see this post on Nigella Lawson. Whether she deserves the dubious distinction of being called “the queen of food porn,” I dont know. But I think in the culinary world, she deserves a more flattering title of “the queen of beauty.” She is a gorgeous-looking chef, isn’t she?

  4. I just looked up your blog — what a coincidence — we have picked the same theme for our blog. Love your blog and so I’ll be visiting you again. 🙂

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  6. Great post on Nigella, she’s amazing! I’m married to a Cordon Bleu Chef, but still her book “How to become a domestic goddess” has saved me a few times!
    There’s a whole movement going on regarding food porn, my husband has been talking non-stop about the “food porn bible” coming out October this year – the third book of the Modernist Cuisine! So I bet that Nigella, being a foodie herself, can carry that title with grace! ; )

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